Christopher Street Day 2017 Cologne

This morning I ran home from church, put some temmporary dye in my hair and then took the train to Cologne to witness the first Christopher Street Day Celebreation of my young queer life.

And oh was it glorious. After meeting with my friend and some People she had met on the Train and taken a liking too (and they are amazing People, she has some good taste) I threw myself into the Party. Seeing the Cologne Cathedral surrounded by pride flags is quite the view. At that Point the only gay Thing on me was a really worn down rainbow wrist band so the first Things I bought were a pride fan and a big panexual pride flag to wrap myself in. Both proved to be good ideas since having a pride flag cape is awesome and the fan came in handy because it got really hot.

Over the next few ours I gradually got gayer and gayer, adding paint on both cheeks, three new wristbands and a ton of Stickers to the Collection. I met a lot of really nice People, got a lot of hugs (the writing on one of my cheecks said “free hugs”), had a Starbucks iced tea which cost more than most of the other Things I bought and had the most fun ever. And although my feet hurt like hell now I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Thank you to every one who made this experience possible and to my amazing friends, old and new.


Yuri On Ice warms my heart

At some point after starting to watch a lot of TV-Shows I lost my interest in Anime. That was a big thing at the time because I had been a giant Anime Lover and I continued to not watch Anime for a year.

That led to me missing all the new Anime that were released in 2016 and early 2017 and while I still can’t bring myself to finally watch the  second Season of Attack on Titan I regret it a bit for completely ignoring Yuri On Ice.

I never considered myself to be a Sports Anime Person, I never watched Free and I just didn’t get why I should watch animated People do Sports when I already don’t like watching Sports in real life. I did not understand that it isn’t about the Sports but the Emotion.

Yuri On Ice is about a japanese Ice skater called Yuri and how he tries to win a prize guided by his Coach and Idol Viktor. That’s pretty much it but that simple Story deals with Yuri’s fear of failing, everyones admiration for Viktor (like seriously everyone in that Show only really wants to surpass him) and Yuri and Viktor’s love for each other. Because while at no point they ever decide to date now, they cuddle, kiss and SPOILERS get engaged by the end. Really. They buy matching rings as a luck charm and then Viktor decides they will get married if Yuri wins a Gold medal. Just like that. So somehow this Sports Anime is a gay romance Anime at the same time which warms my queer Little heart.

And then there is the killer Soundtrack (which I am listening to right now). Every of the Ice skater characters has one or two Songs that are theirs. On Love: Agape and On Love: Eros as well as the Titular Yuri On Ice are some beautiful pieces of Music and the opening History Maker is not only a great song but also has some really great visuals going with it.

So all in all that Anime is a thing of Beauty and reminded me why I love Anime in the first place.

(Yuri On Ice also received a lot of praise for the whole gay thing by the way)

Returning to Blogging

Hello World.

My name is Kate and no one knows me from my previous blog.

No really no one, it had like one regular reader.

I am a giant geek and I love sharing that with the world, wheter the world wants it or not. So go and read this blog (please) I will try to post at least once a month but I can already see that not working out, I’m a really lazy person.

Let’s have a nice and nerdy time together.