My top ten Sci-Fi TV shows (right now)

Whoa I have let this blog die.

Not that it was ever alive anyway, I have always been blogging into the void but I have really let it die.


So how do you revive stuff…I guess I’ll just post something really quickly put together out of my emotions right now and then read over it tomorrow and hate it but leave it on because this blog is really empty. Yeah sounds about right.

Top ten Science Fiction TV shows… it took me way too much time to even come up with ten and I have probably forgot several but let’s just first talk about three which didn’t make the list.

Those three are Jessica Jones, Utopia and Janus which are  amazing shows that other people might call Science Fiction but I don’t. In my book Janus is more of a crime-thriller (but still amazing) and Jessica Jones… I don’t even know, the MCU is pretty much it’s own genre at this point. Utopia may just be the closest I have ever seen to a perfect show but it’s also more of a conspiracy thriller than a sci-fi show. If I ever make a list about crime/thriller shows Janus and Utopia will probably be right at the top 5, but let’s be honest I will never do that because it would force me to decide between Sherlock and Broadchurch.

So let’s go.

Number Ten – Code Geass

Yes there will be Anime shows on this list. First this place belonged to Neon Genesis Evangelion  but then I remembered that there is another Mecha Anime that I just love a  bit more. This show is smart and exciting to watch and if you want to get into Anime it’s one of the best gateways. Trust me it was one of mine.

Number Nine – Altered Carbon

Oh look it’s the show I finished an hour ago and am now crying over (on the inside). This show drags, like really, but I still wasn’t bored, the plot twists were decent and the world fantastic.  This a story universe with so much history and detail I just want to learn more and more about it (Yeah, I know there are books, I’ll see to getting my hands on them). While pulling it all out over ten episodes made it really loose focus at times, it’s still a good story and an amazing looking show. The aesthetic just works, even when some of it is focused around people being naked A LOT.

Number Eight – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 

Is this Steam Punk? Is it Science Fiction? I don’t really know but if it is Sci-Fi it belongs on here because it’s amazing. While it also drags a bit at times cause it’s a singular story line stretched over 68 twenty minute episodes and they repeat the same intro mononlouge EVERY TIME, it may be just the best shonen Anime I know. Yeah that’s right, I will take Science over Ninjas, thank you very much. (Also Riza Hawkeye and Roy Mustang are amongst my faourite Anime characters in existence).

Number Seven – Stranger Things

This show is really good and I don’t think anyone doubts that. It’s just that the whole eighties nostalgia doesn’t work on me and so I feel that is a little overdone sometimes (oh my god there will be show’s nostalgic of this decade some time in the future, I am not ready for that).

Number Six – Psycho Pass

This show is amazing. Well the first season anyway, the second hurts my heart because it tried to surpass the first one so hard that it completely lost itself. If I were judging the first season alone it would be much higher up here but I am counting second seasons as well and Psycho Pass is not the only show that suffers from it. As for the first season, it’s my favourite Anime of all time. It’s has a great story, a creative setup and a slightly weird but actually really good artstyle.

Number Five – Helix

Oh look it’s another great show being brought down by it’s second season. Watching this gave me a Psycho Pass Déjà Vu I never wanted and it’s so sad, because Utopia may be the closest to a perfect show I have ever seen but Helix has the closest to a perfect first season I have ever seen. This show is amazing, I don’t know how to tell you anything because I think the best way to go into anything is without any prior knowledge and this show deseves to be enjoyed, well the first season does.

Number Four – Black Mirror

I love Black Mirror. From the great perfomances in the first season (thank god for Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Whittaker), to the brilliant twist of “White Bear”, the beauty of “San Junipero” and “Hang the DJ”, the fun of “USS Callister” and the devestation of “Arkangel” and “Metalhead”. This show can’t and wont tire out and I am looking forward to more of it.

Number Three – Fringe

If they had known when and how to end, this place would belong to Helix or Psycho Pass. But they didn’t and so my third place goes to a show that did. Fringe ends perfectly at exectly 100 episodes and while the fifth season took a complete turn it still worked out well. This is a beautiful, smart show with amazing characters and I highly recommend it. (It may just be the best thing by J.J. Abrams, miles better than The Force Awakens, you heard me)

Number Two – Firefly

From a show that knew when to end to a show that just was ended. Why oh why. Never has there been a greater waste of potential on TV, than when this piece of art was not even allowed to finish it’s first season. And since Serenity is a movie, it doesn’t count on here and these fourteen episodes stand for themselves in their unfinished glory.

Number One – Doctor Who (Seasons 2 – 7) and Torchwood (Seasons 1 and 2)

I had to skip season one, these shows still get the top spot.

I am bored to death by season 8, these shows still get the top spot.

I have a lot of problems with seasons five to seven and exspecially “The Day of the Doctor”, these shows still get the top spot.

I have not seen more than Season One and Two of Torchwood, cause I simply don’t have the DVD’s, these shows still get the top spot.

Russel T. Davies, guys. This man is a saint. I could go on and on about how great these shows are. From specific episodes like “The Waters of Mars”, “The Family of Blood” and “Blink” ,to the characters, to my admiration of John Barrowman and to how David Tennant is my favourite actor of all time.

I. Love. These. Shows. I love them with all my heart and I am so ready to see where Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker will take Doctor Who.






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