Death of The Author (the author is Neil Gaiman)

Guess who’s got free time, a bunch of knowledge about literary theory she isn’t gonna need for a while and a lot of emotions about Good Omens.

Me. It’s me. What were you expecting?

Now before anyone thinks I am talking about the literal death of Neil Gaiman FEAR NOT I am talking about the literary concept of Death of The Author. Mr. Gaiman is perfectly fine, as far as I know. He is posting to Tumblr at least. Death of The Author is the idea that an author’s intentions should not be regarded in an analysis of their work. Only the text itself matters.

Different authors have different opinions on this. J. K. Rowling is obviously not on board with the concept, John Green is and I could talk at length about both of them but Lindsay Ellis did it better, so just check her out.

No, as I said I am having a lot of emotions about Good Omens right now. So I want to talk about Neil Gaiman.

The thing with Good Omens is that a lot of people have interpreted the relationship between the two lead characters (an angel called Aziraphale and a demon called Crowley) as romantic despite it not being explicitly stated in the text (both the book and the show). People are quite invested in the idea. “Ineffable Husbands” (great Shipname btw) is the number one trending ship on Tumblr right now. And honestly… I am people. I am invested.

Now you might be saying: “Wait Kade. This reminds me of another TV-Show, best described as bible fanfiction, where people are interpreting a romantic relationship that is not explicitly in the text and that you were really invested in it. Pray tell oh Goddess of Unhealthy Obsessions how is this not you falling for queerbaiting again?” Well dear hypothetical reader, the difference between Good Omens/Ineffable Husbands and Supernatural/Destiel is…Neil Gaiman.

The marketing team, actors and writers for Supernatural have always hinted at a romantic relationship between Dean (human/demon but only for like five episodes) and Castiel (angel) but also made it clear that there will never be on-screen confirmation. Neil Gaiman states (and I am quoting): “anything that happens on screen is canon, and anything that happens offscreen is valid headcanon”. All there is to Good Omens is the text and any interpretation of the text is valid. And quite honestly the interpretation of Good Omens as a love story is not far fetched. If you have not seen the show then go now and watch the first twenty minutes of episode three. Crowley and Aziraphale’s relationship can easily be interpreted either way and there is nothing in the text that encourages or decourages a particular reading. Now I of course love me some explicit queer representation but what Good Omens is doing right now is just as fantastic. Because straight people, cis people, homophobic people ARE INTERPRETING GOOD OMENS AS QUEER. Because the writing and queer coding is so well done that this show is being interpreted as a positive queer story by people who aren’t trained to notice the signs. And Neil Gaiman is doing his part by not discouraging anyone’s queer headcanons and instead calling them all valid which is not a thing creators usually do and which I respect him for immensely. Now he does make a clarifying statement here or there but always points back at what is in the text.

the pitsnake said gay rights

I also really love how he always reminds everyone that angels and demons don’t have ganders, because yes, thank you.

In conclusion: Neil Gaiman is using Death of The Author to allow his work to be interpreted in a very queer way and that is a very good and subtle way to help out queer representation in general.

Also David Tennant is fantastic in Good Omens and I can not believe that I have written 600 words without mentioning him once.

Kade out. Happy Pride Month everyone.


One of the bigger regrets of my life is that I didn’t get into Doctor Who as early as I could have.

I started watching the first season at age eleven but stopped after a few episodes because I was traumatized by “the Empty Child” and I didn’t touch the show again until I was fifteen. And even then I skipped the first season. So you see, I still saw Doctor Who and I absolutely love that show but I missed something.

Eleven year old me thought she was straight. Fifteen year old me knew she was queer. Season one has a lot of Jack Harkness episodes.

I did not see any queer representation in child or youth media until I was about thirteen and read the Mortal Instruments. And while I love Magnus and Alec with all my heart and they will always be my first gay characters and my first ship, they were gay men (I know Magnus is pan, but take a wild guess what they could out of the audibook version of “Bones”, if you guessed their whole relatonship, you’re right). I can’t tell you for the life of me who my first bi/pan character was.  I had to label myself without having a point of reference. It took me until this year to find Viktor from “The Antagonists”, the first and only character I ever found to label himself as pan.

So I dove into Torchwood. I binge read the Antagonists. I cried out of sheer happiness when Brendon Urie came out and I realized that we are being heard, that the term “Pansexual” is spreading.

Just imagine all the confusion and pain (not knowing who you are sucks) I could have saved myself if I had only seen something that represented me earlier. There was no queer representation in the media of my childhood (don’t come at me with Sesame Street or Harry Potter).

Shows like the first season of Doctor Who are important.

Kids need to see themselves. Give me gay and bi and pan TV kids show characters. Genderqueer characters. If kids are supposed to learn about the world through those shows, that includes learning who THEY are.

I crave the day where I can see this and it doesn’t make me cry, because it’s normal.Where this isn’t big news. Where I don’t have to search for my representation anymore.

Derek Landy has my undying respect for realizing that there was no queer representation in the first nine Skulduggery books and then making Demon Road, Ressurection and Midnight really queer. The thought that there will be kids reading these books and loving them as much as I did AND getting their representation astounds me.

Retroactively saying “ahh yes but you see character x was gay all this time” or “well i tought of them as a gay couple” isn’t representation. Representation is writing queer characters and acknowledging they are gay within the medium.

I was lucky to grow up on some great children and young adult media. I had Kim Possible, Phineas and Ferb, Avatar (three cheers for Toph!) and Harry Potter and I love all of those. I just wouldn’t have hurt (and made my later life a lot easier) if I had seen people like me.

Top 10 Supernatural Episodes

This has been a long time coming. But I was never quite in the mood to rank over 300 episodes and then only talk about ten of them, so I didn’t do the work until I found this post. So I decided to follow the example of one of my favourite YouTube channels and not list ten episodes but give ten categories and pick one in each. So this wont be the ten best episodes but the ten episodes that represent the show the best, plus a lot of honorouble mentions. (I may have redefined the categorys a bit from the original post) (Also I’m a Destiel shipper, so if you are one of those people who think the show should be just about the brothers you’ll hate this list).

So get this…

10 – The Tragedy Porn

Tragedy Porn episodes are a defining aspect of the show, but that doesn’t mean they have to be good. Don’t get me wrong I love it when a show can make me sad from time to time but these episodes just pound on my favourite characters for no good reason what so ever.  I’m no Angel for example, which is basically just Castiel being treated like crap for no reason. Gabriel’s death in Hammer of the Gods wasn’t pointless, but the episode was still bad. The worst example of this, and my number 10 pick, will always be Dark Dynasty. The Supernatural Fandom continously gets a bad rep for hating on female characters, but we loved Charlie. She was one of the only really relatable characters and a much more appropriate and likeable representation of the fandom than Becky in previous seasons. Still she died for no real reason.

9 – The Crack Fic

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to the episodes that still aren’t masterclasses in writing but at least don’t kill characters we love. Just weird as fuck episodes, that give us no deeper insight into the characters and make us wonder if the writers have lost their minds, but are still okay to watch. if only for trivia. Dog Dean Afternoon is a good example of this, as is Mannequin 3: The Reckoning for it’s title alone. My favourite here is Fallen Idols, for the pure madness of a Paris Hilton cameo, paired with Sam getting choked by Ghandi.

Promo Pic for Fallen Idol.jpg

8 – The Black Comedy

This is when the suposed horror of Supernatural collides with comedy, we are finally in good episode territory here, so this category includes hits like Ghostfacers and Bad Day at Black Rock. My personal favourite is the beacon of light in the grimness of season 4, known as Yellow Fever.


7 – The Meta Fiction

Supernatural has no fourth wall. They took a sledgehammer to it in the truly enjoyable The Monster at the End of This Book. This has since given a cute portrayal of the Fandom in Fan Fiction  and a terrible one every time Becky shows up. The best example here is The French Mistake, which went so meta it had Misha Collins and Genevieve Padalecki playing themselves.


6 – The Well Written Crack Fic

Now the previously mentioned Crack Fics are not brain meltingly bad, but they still are of no real consequence to anything. This is where the Well Written Crack Fic comes in. The Setup is still mad but at least we get some character development or a really good episode out of it. You can find examples for this in almost every season. What Is And What Schould Never Be, Monster Movie, It’s a Terrible Life and Baby , are all great but admittedly weird episodes with some emotional stuff for good measure. My favourite episode of this kind has to be Sam, Interrupted which is one of my all time favourites.

Bildergebnis für supernatural pudding gif

5 – The Classic

The Classic is an episode that is “infinitely quotable” and still referenced in fandom even if it’s several years old already. This spot includes my number eight pick Yellow Fever for the “Crazy people” monolouge, The Pilot for “Dad’s on a huntig trip” , Lazarus Rising for “I’m an Angel of the Lord” and Free to Be You and Me for “Personal space” and a lot of other Destiel content. But if I’m saying infintely quotable and referenced in fandom it has to be a Gabriel episode. And while I love Tall Tales and Changing Channels, there is no way of getting around Mystery Spot here.

Bildergebnis für supernatural mystery spot gif

4 – Old School Supernatural

Before they discovered the magic of brotherly bonding Supernatural was supposed to be about horror. You can find this in the old season 1 episodes, full of actually creepy ghosts, terrible CGI and EMF meters. Provenance, Asylum, Skin and Faith are all amazing examples. Later seasons sometimes come back to this, like Family Remains in season 4 but mostly this is a season 1 thing. My favourite example of this for being really good (and for featuring some Fall Out Boy) is Bloody Marry.

Bloody Mary105.jpg

3 – The Tearjerker

This type of episode often looks like a completely normal one until it goes and rips your heart out. Think The Rapture which starts of as a nice fun “what’s wrong with Castiel” and then turns into the best and most devestating look at the concept of vessels the show has ever delivered. Or early episodes that gave us Winchester backstory in heartwrenching ways like Home and A Very Supernatural Christmas. My favourite episode of all time qualifies as a tearjerker, The Man Who Would Be King, so I am picking it here.

2 – The Grand Finale

Supernatural has had some great season finales. There have been some great finales capping of one or even several seasons and always ending with either a Winchester dying, like in No Rest For The Wicked or a big bad being unleashed like in Lucifer RisingDo You Believe In Miracles? managed to do both and gave us a great Mark Sheppard monolouge on top of it. However no finale has ever been grander than Swan Song, the literal end of an era.

1 – The Life Changer

An episode that doesn’t only change the way of the show but also how we, the viewer think of it. There is the first time a Winchester died in All Hell Breaks Loose, Crowley’s first appearance in Abandon All Hope and Bobby’s death in Death’s Door. But there is no episode that has changed the show more and had more impact on the fandom than Lazarus Rising. Castiel first appearance, the birth of Destiel, nothing ever was the same after this. And while I have been around Tumblr enough to see the haters, I will always love this episode and the things it brought. I can’t and wont imagine Supernatural without Castiel and the fandom without Destiel.



The Rain – First Episode Reaction

So I’m watching this new Netflix Show called The Rain.

So far the setup and dynamics are pretty cliche (aka. “the cure is in the scientist’s child”, previously seen on EVERYTHING including my beloved Utopia) but the fact that they dish that out after only 10 minutes makes me hope that they are maybe holding back some more interesting twists.

The setup, though not revolutionary, is an interesting one and the aesthetic has some Helix vibes, which is a way of getting me interested.

Also this show knows how to scare the crap out of me , by catering to some of my bigger fears, namely bunkers, darkness and creepy little boys, let’s see if they keep that up.

As for the characters I can not say much after only one episode, but I’m into strong, smart, female protagonists.

The fact that I am watching in german (cause I don’t speak danish) makes the dialouge feel pretty unnatural, but I will survive (I got through Infinity War, even though they gave Thor some pretty terrible thunder puns so…).

They solved the issue of the main character having no one to talk to, by her monolouging to her absent Dad in voice over ALL THE TIME.

Ok, the five year time skip and cliffhanger have me intrigued, I am gonna continue watching this.


My top ten Sci-Fi TV shows (right now)

Whoa I have let this blog die.

Not that it was ever alive anyway, I have always been blogging into the void but I have really let it die.


So how do you revive stuff…I guess I’ll just post something really quickly put together out of my emotions right now and then read over it tomorrow and hate it but leave it on because this blog is really empty. Yeah sounds about right.

Top ten Science Fiction TV shows… it took me way too much time to even come up with ten and I have probably forgot several but let’s just first talk about three which didn’t make the list.

Those three are Jessica Jones, Utopia and Janus which are  amazing shows that other people might call Science Fiction but I don’t. In my book Janus is more of a crime-thriller (but still amazing) and Jessica Jones… I don’t even know, the MCU is pretty much it’s own genre at this point. Utopia may just be the closest I have ever seen to a perfect show but it’s also more of a conspiracy thriller than a sci-fi show. If I ever make a list about crime/thriller shows Janus and Utopia will probably be right at the top 5, but let’s be honest I will never do that because it would force me to decide between Sherlock and Broadchurch.

So let’s go.

Number Ten – Code Geass

Yes there will be Anime shows on this list. First this place belonged to Neon Genesis Evangelion  but then I remembered that there is another Mecha Anime that I just love a  bit more. This show is smart and exciting to watch and if you want to get into Anime it’s one of the best gateways. Trust me it was one of mine.

Number Nine – Altered Carbon

Oh look it’s the show I finished an hour ago and am now crying over (on the inside). This show drags, like really, but I still wasn’t bored, the plot twists were decent and the world fantastic.  This a story universe with so much history and detail I just want to learn more and more about it (Yeah, I know there are books, I’ll see to getting my hands on them). While pulling it all out over ten episodes made it really loose focus at times, it’s still a good story and an amazing looking show. The aesthetic just works, even when some of it is focused around people being naked A LOT.

Number Eight – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 

Is this Steam Punk? Is it Science Fiction? I don’t really know but if it is Sci-Fi it belongs on here because it’s amazing. While it also drags a bit at times cause it’s a singular story line stretched over 68 twenty minute episodes and they repeat the same intro mononlouge EVERY TIME, it may be just the best shonen Anime I know. Yeah that’s right, I will take Science over Ninjas, thank you very much. (Also Riza Hawkeye and Roy Mustang are amongst my faourite Anime characters in existence).

Number Seven – Stranger Things

This show is really good and I don’t think anyone doubts that. It’s just that the whole eighties nostalgia doesn’t work on me and so I feel that is a little overdone sometimes (oh my god there will be show’s nostalgic of this decade some time in the future, I am not ready for that).

Number Six – Psycho Pass

This show is amazing. Well the first season anyway, the second hurts my heart because it tried to surpass the first one so hard that it completely lost itself. If I were judging the first season alone it would be much higher up here but I am counting second seasons as well and Psycho Pass is not the only show that suffers from it. As for the first season, it’s my favourite Anime of all time. It’s has a great story, a creative setup and a slightly weird but actually really good artstyle.

Number Five – Helix

Oh look it’s another great show being brought down by it’s second season. Watching this gave me a Psycho Pass Déjà Vu I never wanted and it’s so sad, because Utopia may be the closest to a perfect show I have ever seen but Helix has the closest to a perfect first season I have ever seen. This show is amazing, I don’t know how to tell you anything because I think the best way to go into anything is without any prior knowledge and this show deseves to be enjoyed, well the first season does.

Number Four – Black Mirror

I love Black Mirror. From the great perfomances in the first season (thank god for Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Whittaker), to the brilliant twist of “White Bear”, the beauty of “San Junipero” and “Hang the DJ”, the fun of “USS Callister” and the devestation of “Arkangel” and “Metalhead”. This show can’t and wont tire out and I am looking forward to more of it.

Number Three – Fringe

If they had known when and how to end, this place would belong to Helix or Psycho Pass. But they didn’t and so my third place goes to a show that did. Fringe ends perfectly at exectly 100 episodes and while the fifth season took a complete turn it still worked out well. This is a beautiful, smart show with amazing characters and I highly recommend it. (It may just be the best thing by J.J. Abrams, miles better than The Force Awakens, you heard me)

Number Two – Firefly

From a show that knew when to end to a show that just was ended. Why oh why. Never has there been a greater waste of potential on TV, than when this piece of art was not even allowed to finish it’s first season. And since Serenity is a movie, it doesn’t count on here and these fourteen episodes stand for themselves in their unfinished glory.

Number One – Doctor Who (Seasons 2 – 7) and Torchwood (Seasons 1 and 2)

I had to skip season one, these shows still get the top spot.

I am bored to death by season 8, these shows still get the top spot.

I have a lot of problems with seasons five to seven and exspecially “The Day of the Doctor”, these shows still get the top spot.

I have not seen more than Season One and Two of Torchwood, cause I simply don’t have the DVD’s, these shows still get the top spot.

Russel T. Davies, guys. This man is a saint. I could go on and on about how great these shows are. From specific episodes like “The Waters of Mars”, “The Family of Blood” and “Blink” ,to the characters, to my admiration of John Barrowman and to how David Tennant is my favourite actor of all time.

I. Love. These. Shows. I love them with all my heart and I am so ready to see where Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker will take Doctor Who.






The Rains of Castamere


So I have been doing some catching up on Game of Thrones lately, which is a nice way to say that I sat in my room, wrapped in a thousand blankets and at the same time playing Minecraft for hours. However I am halfway through Season 6 now and I noticed a thing.

We all remember “The Rains of Castamere”. You know that song that was everywhere Tywin Lannister went in Seasons Two, Three and Four? It is an original song from the books, that also appears in the Show and since it was composed in his honour pretty much Tywin’s theme song. So from the Moment it was introduced it played whenever Tywin did something significant, which was all the time. However it also appeared when his children Jamie, Cersei and Tyrion did something significant in the Lannister Name and also at Events where None of them where present such as the Red Wedding. How can one ever Forget the Moment when it starts playing there and I distinctly remember how it continued playing into the credits.

So by the end of Season Four we got the Rains as a well established sign of the Lannister power but at the end of Season Four something else happens too. Tyrion shoots Tywin. The Season Ends and Season Five starts at Tywins Funeral and as we see his Body we can faintly hear the song in the Background. And then it disappears. For the whole Season it never Plays whatever Cersei, Jamie and Tyrion do. And now in looking back I realize that Season Five was not a great one for the Lannister Family. Cersei lost her grip on the Iron Throne, Jamie had to watch his daughter die and Tyrion was pretty much not a member of the Family anymore.

So I was thinking that the song had died with Tywin but then it came back. In the begining of Season Six Jamie gives a speech that I loved since I first saw it in a Trailer. He tells Cersei “All they have taken from us we will take back and more” and as he says it in the Background the  Rains Of Castamere Play. It’s the Shows way of saying GUESS WHO’S BACK,  BACK AGAIN and it goes back to appearing when a Lannister does something inpressive.

So in conclusion… this Show has some brilliant Music choices, is a great Show and I am Lannister Fangirl.